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Suede VS Leather

Today we’re visiting a classic show-down that causes debates for many when purchasing shoes. Do you buy the leather or suede option? Both offer different points in regards to style, maintenance and function in your wardrobe. Let’s go over a few for some guidance next time you need to make a decision.

When it comes down to maintenance, we think suede gets a bad name. Many people choose leather over suede just because they’re afraid it’ll get ruined easier and quicker, especially in the rain and snow. I know this may shock some but suede is just as easy to maintain as leather. With suede, all you really need is a brush for maintenance and light scuffs (even a clean toothbrush will do the trick). For the rain and snow, suede can be protected just like your leather shoes. A good suede, water resistant spray will protect your shoes from most salt stains and water stains, especially if resprayed throughout the season. If salt stains appear, tackle them just like a leather shoe with a water/vinegar mix to dab the area and brush clean. So, if your heart says suede but you’re worried about maintenance, just know it’s not as bad as it seems. Get those suede shoes!



Looking at appearance, leather has a more classic feel that suede. Leather has, and always will be, in trend with footwear. If you’re looking to add a staple item to your closet, leather should typically be the first purchase. For example, if you’re looking for your first pair of go-to black pumps, we would highly recommend sticking with leather. It’ll never go out of style, it’s  guaranteed to go with everything and will outlast every trend.


If you’re thinking seasonal, a good rule of thumb to follow is leather typically being associated as a Spring/Summer material with the cozy, fuzzy feeling you get from suede typically leaning more Fall/Winter. Truly, leather can be worn year round without anyone batting an eye and we did see a rise this past year with suede in the Summer becoming trendy with light pink and beige colours. At the end of the day, it all depends on what style of shoe you’re looking for and what’s currently available.


Finally, when deciding between the two, a question you want to ask yourself is: are you looking for something bold or something subtle? Leather is known for being more of a statement shoe. It shines, holds bold colours well, it’s edgier and overall just stands out more with your outfit. When you add colour to leather, say red, all eyes are on the shoes making them the statement piece of the outfit. Suede is a lot more subtle. Its soft nature and ability to host deep colours allows the shoes to better blend into your outfit. Even when coloured, it becomes a complement to your look rather than a statement. So what are you feeling? Go bold or subtle? 


Want to full list of options? Shop our Suede VS Leather collection to really compare styles!

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